corporate mission

Innovation and Research

BTH Group focuses on providing high quality, innovative, competitive and environmentally friendly products to our customers. We continuously innovate and research, to deliver total packaging solutions that add business value, create social value and improve the lives of our customers. BTH Group is committed to conserve the environment by operating recycling facilities in our factories and ensuring that our research and development team develop products that are of the highest safety standards for food packaging.

Quality and Service

In BTH Group, we are committed to providing excellent services and quality. We collaborate with our customers and suppliers to ensure a seamless supply chain, which transforms into reliable and timely delivery. Our friendly and knowledgeable staffs are ever ready to help our customers with the best packaging solutions. Quality product is synonymous with the BTH Brand, and we take pride in our relentless pursuit of the highest quality achievable.

Integrity and Trust

Trust and Integrity are the pillars of our successful business relationships. BTH Group is focused on working with our customers to overcome the increasing competitive pressures to reduce cost, conserve resources, improve productivity and raise profitability.